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Al Sabah NBK Ped. Hospital - Kuwait
The Sabah-NBK Paediatric specialist Hospital provides the people of Kuwait and outside Kuwait with medical treatment of a highly specialized services, promote good medical care for children

Al Salam International Hospital
Management of Al Salam International Hospital is proud to take the lead in the most advanced and exciting healthcare enterprise ever ventured within the private sector of the State of Kuwait. This facility is available to both the private Kuwaiti and expatriate market on both outpatient and inpatient basis and our patients are guaranteed the highest quality individualized care to help them improve their total wellness and health.

Al-Jahra Hospital Pediatric Department
Pediatric department of Al-jahra hospital

Dar Al Shifa Hospital
Dar Al Shifa was first established in 1961 at its old premises in Kuwait City as a private maternity care hospital for which it secured a solid reputation throughout the 46 years that it has been practicing quality healthcare service. Having earned a name for maternity services, the Hospital continued to expand its services to include a pediatric unit, ENT, internal medicine and the likes.

Hadi Clinic
Hadi Clinic is the most technologically advanced private hospital in Kuwait offering the full range of inpatient and outpatient services

International Clinic
International Health Services (IHS), a Kuwaiti Closed Shareholding Company was founded on June 15th, 1992 with the aim of improving and adding value to the private health sector in Kuwait and the Gulf region. Soon afterwards, International Clinic (IC), a western oriented private health care multidisciplinary facility was inaugurated as the first subsidiary of IHS to provide high quality comprehensive health services to all local and expatriate population living in Kuwait.

Kuwait - As'ad Al-Hamad Dermatology
As'ad Al-Hamad Dermatology Center is the main governmental Dermatology Center in Kuwait. It offers skin care services in the form of regular and consultation outpatients services to the served health area that mounts up to half of Kuwait through the general outpatient clinics, the specialty clinics, and the subspecialty units.

Royale Hayat Hospital
Welcome to the world of the Royale Hayat Hospital where we offer you the best in health care services and the luxury of hospitality uniquely combined with your interests in mind.

Shaab Medical Center
Shaab Medical Center have the pleasure to offer you all the best and extinguished services with the high quality and level of technical, medical experience and high tech. Equipment.

Welcome to British Medical Centre
The British Medical Centre (BMC) in Manqaf is a new and modern one day-care medical facility specializing in day case procedures. This premiere healthcare system encompasses a variety of nationally recognized specialty services and programs. The Medical Centre Clinic team puts you first.

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