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Detox Scientific - Detoxification & Diet Training
Detox Scientific teaches women how to overcome hormone imbalances and health challenges such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and the side effects of the mirena IUD. Detox Scientific - Detoxification & Diet Training

Osteoporosis Symptoms and Treatment

Learn more about postmenopausal osteoporosis, including symptoms and treatment.

A discussion on women health issues
An interactive forum to discuss issue related to gynecology and other medical specialties

AC Joint Reconstruction
The statistics are impressive. Women are two to eight times more likely to sustain an ACL tear in sports that are at the highest risk such as basketball and soccer.1 The incidence of significant knee injury among females is roughly five times higher per player per hour than for males

ACSH: Tobacco and Women's Health: A Survey of Popular Women's Magazines, August
Follow-up to earlier ACSH research finds women's magazines still give little or no coverage to lung cancer or other health effects of smoking, and still take plenty of cigarette ads, and still dispense plenty of other health advice.

Abnormal Pap Smears: What Every Woman Needs to Know
Book by Lynda Rushing, M.D. and Nancy Joste, M.D. about pap smears test results and the human papillomavirus HPV and its connection to cervical dysplasia and cancer. Excerpt from the book, ordering information, and profiles of the authors. Colposcopy: What Is It?
Describes the procedure used for further evaluation of abnormal pap smear results.

Alternatives to Hysterectomy
Designed for women who have been told they need a hysterectomy and are searching for alternative treatment.

American Surrogacy Center, The
We offer information, professional resources, hope and the opportunity to connect with others who are pursing these family-building options.

Background on Women & Girls and Tobacco
Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids backgrounder covers cigarette promotions targeting women and girls. [PDF]

Background on Women and Girls and Tobacco
Pamphlet from the Partnership for Smoking or Health Missouri health group.

Best Sex Positions for Conception
When trying to get pregnant, certain sexual positions have better chance of conception. The missionary position helps maximize the exposure of sperm

Bladder Perforation
Information for women who have suffered from Bladder Perforation from the Vaginal Mesh Patch.

Bleeding in Early Pregnancy
Most couples expect to get pregnant at some point, and when they do for the first time it suddenly dawns on them what a gamble pregnancy actually is. One of the most frightening things is to experience bleeding in the first part of the pregnancy. Termed "first trimester bleeding," it is any bleeding noted during the first twelve weeks, and it is one of the most common symptoms to send a woman to her obstetrician.

Breastfeeding, childbirth, and pregnancy online magazine: The Compleat Mother
The Magazine of Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding

Cambridge - Professor Gordon C. Wishart
Professor Gordon C. Wishart is a breast & endocrine surgeon based around Cambridge, dedicated to helping people with breast cancer & specialising in breast reconstruction surgery.

Catching Our Breath: A Journal About Change for Women who Smoke
Written by women for women; explores some of the problems women must overcome to quit smoking, or to reduce the amount they smoke. Also explores why women smoke as well as ways to cope and relax without smoking.

Center for Young Women's Health
We offer health information, clinical care, and a variety of programs and services designed to educate and empower girls and young women ages 12-22.

Cervical 'Pap' Smears and Colposcopy
The leading UK site for colposcopy.

Cigarette Ads Targetting Women
A collection of cigarette ads targetting women, from a gallery of cigarette ads.

Cigarette Advertising and Magazine Coverage of the Hazards of Smoking: A Statist
Research concludes that "cigarette advertising in magazines is associated with diminished coverage of the hazards of smoking. This is particularly true for magazines directed to women."

Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy
New evidence that cigarette smoking during pregnancy can cause attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior disorders and lower math and reading scores in children.

Cigarettes Linked to Breast Cancer
Summary of recent research.

Cigarettes More Dangerous to Women
According to recent research.

Columbia Women's Health Center
Columbia University's women's health center, information on wellness, exercise, diet, education for women's health patients and professionals.

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