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Passengers on 'Bat' Plane Cleared of Rabies Risk
Health investigators have confirmed that a bat that flew through the cabin of a U.S. commercial airliner last summer did not transmit rabies to 45 of 50 passengers assessed, the three flight crew members or 16 ground crew members who were in close proximity to the winged stowaway.

Pig Farmers at Greater Risk for Drug-Resistant Staph Infections: Study
THURSDAY, May 7, 2015 HealthDay News -- Pig farm workers are at increased risk for multidrug-resistant staph infections, new research indicates.

Cranberry Juice for Urinary Tract Infection?
Contrary to popular belief, cranberry juice does not cure a urinary tract infection, a doctor says.

Targeted Therapy Promising for Deadly Brain Cancer
Information on many different cancers includes symptoms, cancer detection and prevention, and treatment options.

Apply Mosquito Repellent Correctly
Mosquito repellents can keep bug bites and related illnesses at bay, but you have to apply it properly.

Stress-Relief Program Helps Breast Cancer Patients
Information on many different cancers includes symptoms, cancer detection and prevention, and treatment options.

Another Mosquito-Borne Virus Moves North From the Amazon
Zika, dengue, chikungunya: As if there weren't enough mosquito-borne viruses to worry about, researchers say another has been spotted for the first time in Haiti.

Caramel Apples Can Harbor Listeria, Study Finds
Caramel apples with dipping sticks -- sometimes handed out as Halloween treats -- can make you sick if they're not refrigerated, researchers warn.

Year-End Flurry of Food Recalls, Illness
Year-End Flurry of Food Recalls, Illness

U.S. Melanoma Rate Is Rising, Study Finds
More Americans are developing the potentially deadly skin cancer known as melanoma than in the past, new research shows.

About Half of Women May Benefit From Mammograms at 40: Analysis
New research suggests that all women turning 40 should get a breast cancer risk assessment, since half of them may have risks that are high enough to warrant annual mammograms right away.

Preliminary Studies Target Advanced Breast Cancers
Two preliminary studies into medications under development may offer some hope for women with advanced breast cancer.

Treatments for Brain Cancer Take Heavy Toll on the Brain
Radiation and chemotherapy can cause structural changes in the healthy brain tissue of patients with glioblastoma brain tumors, a new study finds.

Young Cancer Survivors Say Costs Hinder Follow-Up Care
Many teen and young adult cancer survivors in the United States go without routine medical care because it's too expensive, a new study finds.

As African Ebola Outbreak Spreads, Hopes for Vaccine Remain Years Away
As a major outbreak of deadly Ebola virus spreads through the West African nations of Guinea and Liberia, public health officials are struggling to contain the horror-movie pathogen before it slips into neighboring countries.

Zika Drives Heightened Mosquito Fears: Survey
The Zika virus hasn't been found in mosquitoes in the mainland U.S. -- yet.

Type of HRT May Determine Breast Cancer Risk
Information on many different cancers includes symptoms, cancer detection and prevention, and treatment options.

Soy Supplements May Not Shield Breast Cancer
Soy supplements do not protect women against breast cancer, a new study suggests.

Prevent Disease From Pets
Household pets can carry germs that can be transmitted to people.

Smoking, Drinking Combo Raises Odds for Esophageal Cancer
People who smoke and drink are nearly twice as likely to develop esophageal cancer as those with only one of those unhealthy habits, a new study indicates.

Hepatitis C Now Leading Infectious Disease Killer in U.S.
The number of hepatitis C-linked deaths in the United States reached a record high in 2014, and the virus now kills more Americans than any other infectious disease, health officials report.

Is Measles' Return the 'New Normal'?
Is measles really back?

Flesh Eating Bacteria and Lupus
Necrotizing fasciitis: Infection risk from lupus itself, lupus treatment

MERS Virus Doesn't Seem to Spread Easily, Study Finds
People infected with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome MERS virus are unlikely to pass it to others in their household, a new study suggests.

Scientists Create Breast Cancer Survival Predictor
Columbia University scientists have developed a new model to predict breast cancer survival, and they say their work could lead to improved diagnosis and prognosis for all types of cancers.

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