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Study Finds Low Flu Vaccine Rates in U.S. Kids
Flu vaccination rates among U.S. children were lower than expected over a recent five-year period, a new study reports.

Using a Nasal Spray
Using a nasal spray can help ease congestion, but it's important to use the spray properly.

Lung Cancer Risk
Information on many different cancers includes symptoms, cancer detection and prevention, and treatment options.

H1N1 Flu Undergoing Genetic Changes in Pigs
A collection of articles about cold and flu topics covering symptoms, vaccinations, medications, and treatment

Many Americans Still Haven't Gotten a Flu Shot
Fewer than half of Americans have gotten a flu shot so far this flu season, which might be a bad sign for a season that could be potentially severe, infectious-disease experts said Thursday.

Just How Might Exercise Lower Breast Cancer Risk?
Exercise appears to change the way women's bodies metabolize the hormone estrogen, and this could help explain how aerobic activity reduces a woman's breast cancer risk, a new study suggests.

Cancer Patients in Hospice Face Less Aggressive Treatment: Study
Cancer patients who choose hospice care are less likely to receive aggressive end-of-life treatment or to die in hospitals and nursing homes, a new study finds.

Generation X Response to the H1N1 'Swine' Flu
Read about how generation X responsed to the H1N1 swine flu epidemic.

Kidney Cancer on the Rise
Information on many different cancers includes symptoms, cancer detection and prevention, and treatment options.

Rochdale - Flushing Dentist
You should take proper care of the teeth and gums to keep up oral hygiene of the highest standard. You can keep up your oral sound just when you know preventive care tips. Should to acknowledge what keeps teeth and gums sound and what causes them issues.

Kid Cancer May Be Linked to Later Heart Woes
Information on many different cancers includes symptoms, cancer detection and prevention, and treatment options.

Immune Therapy Shows Early Promise for Advanced Leukemia
An experimental therapy that targets the immune system might offer a new way to treat an often deadly form of adult leukemia, a preliminary study suggests.

Higher Indoor Humidity Levels Might Slow Flu's Spread
As the flu season continues to pack a punch for some Americans, new research suggests there might be a simple way to reduce the risk for infection in an indoor setting: hike up humidity levels.

U.S. Lung Cancer Deaths Highest for Blacks in Segregated Areas: Study
THURSDAY, Jan. 17 HealthDay News -- U.S. lung cancer death rates are higher among blacks than whites, and highest among blacks who live in the most segregated counties, a new study finds.

Safe Ways to Relieve Your Young Child's Flu Symptoms
Flu season is especially bad in the United States this year, and young children with the flu tend to suffer more than others because they can't take over-the-counter medications to help relieve their symptoms.

Infection Causes 1 in 6 Cancers Worldwide: Study
One in six cancers worldwide is caused by preventable or treatable infections, a new study finds.

Tamiflu May Benefit Transplant Patients With H1N1
A collection of articles about cold and flu topics covering symptoms, vaccinations, medications, and treatment

Personal Trainers Sydney
World class personal training has landed in Sydney, Australia. Ultimate Performance have rewritten the rules and change the game, delivering astonishing results combined with unparalleled service and support. Personal Trainers Sydney

Medical Definition of Malignant
Read medical definition of Malignant

Many Breast Cancer Survivors Suffer Financially
One-quarter of breast cancer survivors are worse off financially four years after their diagnosis, and 12 percent still have medical debt from their cancer therapy, a new study finds.

Ho Kok Sun Colorectal Pte Ltd
Dr Ho Kok Sun graduated from National University of Singapore in 1993. He attained his Master of Medicine in Surgery from National University of Singapore in 1998 and also turn out to be a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in the same year.

More Health Care Workers Need Flu Shots: CDC
More U.S. health care workers need to get their annual flu shots, a new government report shows.

Simple Mutations Could Make Flu Viruses More Deadly
Genetic mutations in two emerging bird flu viruses could turn them into potential sources of pandemics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers report.

Many Primary Care Docs Don't Know Long-Term Effects of Chemo: Survey
Many primary care doctors don't know the long-term side effects of the chemotherapy treatments that cancer survivors under their care may have been given, a new survey found.

Chewing tobacco health hazard information
Chewing tobacco may be perceived as manly and tough, but it's also costly in terms of your health.

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