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Yoga education institute
Are you interested in teaching yoga and searching for a place to get yoga teacher training? Then this is the one. Join our training program to challenge yourself and expand your awareness of what yoga is.

Salmonella Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Consumption of contaminated foods typically causes Salmonella infection salmonellosis. Read about symptoms and treatment of this common form of food poisoning, find out if Salmonella is contagious, and read about current outbreaks.

Rotator Cuff Disease: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention
Read about rotator cuff disease, damage to any of the four tendons that stabilize the shoulder joint. Shoulder pain and tenderness are common symptoms. Treatment depends on the severity of the injury.

Usher Syndrome: Read Treatment and Symptom Information
Learn about usher syndrome, the most genetic common condition that affects hearing and vision. Symptoms include hearing loss, and retinitis pigmentosa.

Typhoid Fever: Get Facts About This Life-Threatening Illness
Learn typhoid fever causes Salmonella typhi in contaminated water, transmission, history, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prevention vaccine.

Scalp Psoriasis Treatment, Home Remedies, Pictures & Cause
Scalp psoriasis causes raised, scaly red patches that may spread beyond the scalp to the forehead or back of the neck or ears. Read about scalp psoriasis home remedies, treatment, and symptoms, and see pictures.

Raynaud's Phenomenon Pictures, Treatment & Symptoms
Raynaud's phenomenon symptoms and signs include the fingers turning white after exposure to temperature changes or emotional events. Read about treatment, causes, and diagnosis, plus, see pictures.

Rotavirus Infection Causes, Treatment & Vaccine
Rotavirus infection causes severe diarrhea. Learn rotavirus infection causes, symptoms watery diarrhea, severe dehydration, fever, vomiting, diagnosis, treatment, vaccine side effects, and how long it lasts in children.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms and Treatment
Read about seasonal affective disorder SAD symptoms depression, treatment light therapy, causes weather, statistics, and facts. SAD tends to occur in the fall and winter as the hours of daylight grow shorter.

Manors - Nursing Home Health Care At Colonial
Colonial Manor offers skilled nursing in home health care facilities & physical therapy services. We also offers quality personal care assistant, certified home health aide, fun activities for nursing home residents, plans, discharge planning, medication aides, etc.

What Is Radiation Therapy? Cancer Treatment & Side Effects
Radiation therapy is used to kill cancer cells and stop them from growing and dividing. Both external radiation therapy and internal radiation therapy are used. Learn the definition of radiation therapy as a cancer treatment, side effects of radiation therapy and more.

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction: SI Joint Pain Treatment
Read about sacroiliac joint SI pain, or sacroiliac joint dysfunction, caused by osteoarthritis, pregnancy, and abnormal walking pattern. The main symptom of SI joint dysfunction is SI hip pain. Learn about treatment and prognosis.

Radiofrequency Ablation Liver RFA Therapy Side Effects
Learn about radiofrequency ablation RFA of the liver is a treatment for liver cancer. RFA procedure preparation, side effects, risks, complications, success rate, and recovery time is covered is provided.

Rhabdomyolysis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
Read about rhabdomyolysis, the rapid destruction of skeletal muscle. Some causes include medications statins, extreme exercise, drugs or alcohol, electrolyte imbalances, viruses, infection, severe hypothyroidism and more.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: RMSF Effects & Transmission Facts
Rocky Mountain spotted fever RMSF is a tick-borne disease with signs and symptoms such as rash, headache, and high fever. Get the facts on treatment, prevention, transmission, prognosis, and long-term effects.

What Is Shaken Baby Syndrome? Symptoms, Signs, Facts
What causes shaken baby syndrome? Shaken baby syndrome, or abusive head trauma, is the result of the violent shaking of an infant. Read more about the symptoms and signs of shaken baby syndrome, and and get the facts about how caregivers and parents can prevent this form of child abuse.

Spinal Cord Injury: Levels, Treatment, Symptoms, Recovery
Spinal cord injury can cause a range of symptoms, including weakness, loss of muscle function, and loss of sensation. Learn more about spinal cord injury levels, treatments, rehabilitation, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and how the injury will affect the rest of the body.

Reye's Syndrome Treatment, Prevention, and Symptoms
Reye's syndrome is associated with aspirin use in children and adolescents. Read about Reye's syndrome symptoms, treatment, causes, diagnosis, prognosis, and prevention.

15 Early Symptoms & Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis RA
Early RA symptoms and signs can vary from person to person. Learn about 15 characteristic early signs and symptoms of RA.

Radon: Learn About Mitigation and Testing
Radon is a radioactive gas that causes cancer. Approximately 21,000 people die each year from radon exposure. Radon is found in water, earth, and the air we breathe in our homes, schools, and workplaces.

Retinitis Pigmentosa: Get Facts about Inherited Eye Disease
Retinitis pigmentosa is a genetic condition that causes retinal degeneration and eventual vision loss. Symptoms include night blindness and tunnel vision.

Rape: There Is Help for Victims
Read about rape statistics and learn the symptoms a rape victim might experience. Plus, get information about the types of sexual assault and rape prevention.

SAPHO Syndrome: Get the Facts on Symptoms and Causes
Read about SAPHO syndrome, a disorder involving the skin, bone, and joints. SAPHO is an eponym for the combination of synovitis, acne, pustulosis, hyperostosis, and osteitis.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome: Treatment, Prognosis, Symptoms, Recovery
Read about Ramsay Hunt syndrome herpes zoster oticus. Symptoms of Ramsay Hunt syndrome include rash, facial paralysis, blisters, and blisters. Learn about treatment, prognosis, recovery, and whether or not Ramsay Hunt syndrome is contagious.

Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer: Read About Side Effects
Radiation therapy for breast cancer, cancer treatment information

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