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Read medical definition of Itching

Colic Remedies: Is TLC Better Than Herbal Tea?
A complete listing of health information about kids and teens, including acne, AIDS awareness, allergies and asthma, attention deficit disorders and dyslexia.

Departments of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Vienna
Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry ("Pharmazeutische Chemie") is a core discipline within the Pharmaceutical Sciences. It is centrally engaged in the drug discovery process, mainly focusing on lead finding, lead optimisation and structure-activity relationship investigations, using technologies of computer-aided drug design, natural products chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, and biochemical approaches in a transdisciplinary combination which is generally known by the term "Medicinal Chemistry".

CT Scans of Kids in ER With Stomach Pain Skyrockets
The use of CT scans on children being brought to emergency rooms with abdominal pain has skyrocketed, new research reveals.

E-Cigarette Use Triples Among U.S. Teens in 1 Year
E-cigarettes are booming among U.S. teens, with nearly 2.5 million middle and high school students now choosing to vape rather than smoke traditional cigarettes or indulge in other forms of tobacco, federal health officials reported Thursday.

Breast Milk Best From the Breast?
Infants fed directly from the breast are less likely to develop ear infections than those who are fed pumped breast milk from a bottle, a new study suggests.

Psoriasis: Routes to Relief-- Mark Lebwohl, MD
Psoriasis has no cure, affects people of all ages, and torments many sufferers with both physical and emotional pain. So what's the good news? New treatments and research into the causes of psoriasis may mean a faster route to relief. We talked about it with dermatologist Mark Lebwohl, MD.

Overweight Teen Girls May Have Higher Acne Risk
Overweight Teen Girls May Have Higher Acne Risk

Elective C-Section: 38th Week Too Soon
A complete listing of health information about kids and teens, including acne, AIDS awareness, allergies and asthma, attention deficit disorders and dyslexia.

Rate KLONOPIN Average Rating: 3.3 (1004 Ratings)

Child Health Improves When Caregivers Get One-on-One Help
The health of children in poor families improves when their caregivers receive one-on-one assistance with social needs such as lack of food and shelter, a new study finds.

Childhood PTSD May Leave Imprint on Brain
The brains of children with post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD have structural differences not seen in the brains of typical kids, a new study finds.

Read medical definition of Pruritus

New Device Treats Superficial Varicose Veins
The VenaSeal closure system has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat superficial varicose veins in the leg that appear close to the skin and cause an unsightly and sometimes painful condition.

Farmaceutick fakulta Univerzity Komenskho v Bratislave
Farmaceutická fakultaUniverzity Komenského v Bratislave

Commercial Baby Foods Fall Short for Nutrition: Study - MedicineNet
Commercial baby foods don't meet infants' dietary needs when they are weaning, according to a new study.

Too Much Nail Trimming May Lead to Problems
Daily trimming of fingernails and toenails to make them look good could lead to serious nail conditions, according to physicists at the University of Nottingham in the U.K.

Does Legalizing Pot Spur Kids to Try It?
States that legalize recreational marijuana use may be sending a message to teens that pot is harmless, a new study suggests.

Bullying: What's the Motivation?
A complete listing of health information about kids and teens, including acne, AIDS awareness, allergies and asthma, attention deficit disorders and dyslexia.

Stretch Marks Removal, Causes, Cream Treatment, Laser Surgery - MedicineNet
Read about removal of stretch marks, over-the-counter creams, laser surgery, and other treatment options. Learn about stretch mark causes, such as pregnancy and puberty.

Dad's Advice Could Be Key to Teens' Sexual Activity
The idea that fathers play a significant role in the development of their kids' approach to sex has received some support in a new evidence review. Studies in the review suggest that adolescents have less sex if their fathers talk to them more about sexual matters.

Rate COTRIM Average Rating: 2.0 (1 Ratings)

Skin Care and Overview
Discusses healthy habits for skin care and how skin works. Article includes the layers and components of skin.

Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University
The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, was established in the reign of King Vajiravuth (Rama VI), who commanded Prince Rangsit of Chainad to set up a School of Pharmacy (commonly called in Thai as “Drug Preparation School”) in 1913. The school developed from then on through various phases before it becomes the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University.

When a Rash Signals Trouble
A skin rash often isn't a major worry, but there are warning signs that it could mean trouble.

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