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Could a Cellular Tweak Someday 'Switch Off' Gray Hair?
Researchers who pinpointed two cellular signals that control skin and hair color say their findings might lead to new drugs to treat skin and hair conditions, possibly even gray hair.

Bed Bug Insecticides Causing Sickness
Information relating to skin problems including skin diseases and conditions, cosmetic surgery, medications, and treatment.

Common Triggers for Dandruff
Dandruff is characterized by thin flakes on the scalp. While not a concerning health problem, it can be embarrassing.

Stressed Childhood Might Raise Risk for High Blood Pressure Later
A stressful childhood might predispose some people to struggle with high blood pressure as adults, a new study suggests.

Could PMS Raise Women's Risk for High Blood Pressure?
Millions of women suffer through premenstrual syndrome PMS, and now new research suggests that those with moderate-to-severe PMS may be at heightened risk for high blood pressure later in life.

Sports Rehabilitation
Sports Injuries- Sports Massage - Post surgery Rehabilitation - Personal Training - Strength Training

Newly Diagnosed With High Blood Pressure? 3 Factors Affect Prognosis
Prompt and intense treatment at the first signs of high blood pressure appears key to preventing heart attacks, strokes and early death, according to a new study.

Graphic Warnings May Work Best to Keep Women From Tanning Beds
Disturbing images of skin cancer are more likely to make young women reconsider indoor tanning than the text-only warnings currently required by U.S. regulators, a new study suggests.

Fungus Found in Sinks Can Cause Serious Infections
Information relating to skin problems including skin diseases and conditions, cosmetic surgery, medications, and treatment.

Health Tip: Know Your Risk for High Blood Pressure
If you're concerned about high blood pressure, it's important to know factors that put you at greater risk.

Notre Dame of Maryland University
Founded more than 100 years ago on the progressive vision that education can transform the world, Notre Dame prepares compassionate leaders who change lives.

Purple Potatoes Lower Blood Pressure in Overweight People
When overweight people included two servings of purple potatoes a day in their diet for a month, they not only reduced their blood pressure, they also didn't gain weight in the process, a small study shows.

RecoveryCNT - Addiction Treatment center
RecoveryCNT is a New Jersey detoxification center for addiction treatment, alcohol and drug detox. effective, convenient, safe ambulatory (Outpatient) Detox. Find CNT comprehensive coverage of detoxification (diets and procedures) including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and get free consultation on detoxification from Dr. Indra Cidambi

Hypertension, pulmonary
Read medical definition of Hypertension, pulmonary

Edarbyclor Approved for High Blood Pressure
Blood pressure information includes high blood pressure hypertension, low blood pressure hypotension, causes, medications, prevention, symptoms, treatment, and how to lower high blood pressure.

Could Bacteria in Skin Mites Help Cause Rosacea?
Bacteria carried by tiny mites on the skin might be responsible for the common dermatological condition known as rosacea, researchers say.

Including Pharmacist on Medical Team May Aid Blood Pressure Control
Pharmacists can play an important role in helping patients control high blood pressure, a new study finds.

The Invisible Health Risk, HBP
It's silence is deadly, but you can beat this common condition. Find out how.

Do-It-Yourself Blood Pressure Checks May Help Spot Heart, Stroke Risk
Keeping track of your blood pressure at home may provide a better indicator of your risk for heart disease and stroke than waiting to have it taken by your doctor, Japanese researchers report.

Signs of Frostbite? Head Indoors
Frostbite occurs when tissue is damaged from exposure to extreme cold. That's why it's important to get inside immediately at the first possible warning signs.

How to Exfoliate Safely and Give Your Skin a Healthy Glow
Many skin care products promise to improve appearance by exfoliating -- or removing dead cells -- from the skin's outer layer.

Treat Skin Well
Achieving and maintaining healthy, glowing skin involve more than just keeping it clean.

Artificial Skin Could Bring Sense of Touch to Prosthetics
In a step toward giving prosthetic limbs a sense of touch, scientists have developed an artificial skin that can feel pressure and send those signals to brain cells.

Childhood Abuse, Neglect Linked to High Blood Pressure in Adulthood
Children who suffer abuse or neglect are at increased risk for high blood pressure when they're adults, new research suggests.

Medical Definition of Blood pressure, high
Read medical definition of Blood pressure, high

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