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Counseling Does Little to Deter Youth Drinking, Review Finds - MedicineNet
Counseling may do little to help young people with drinking problems, a large-scale review finds.

Anti-Rape Program Halved Number of Campus Assaults: Study - MedicineNet
A program aimed at teaching women how to recognize dangerous situations and resist sexual coercion almost halved the risk of rape on three college campuses, a new study shows.

HPV Vaccine Not Linked to Promiscuity in Girls - MedicineNet
Getting the HPV vaccine is not linked to signs of increased sexual activity in preteen girls, a new study shows.

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Cutting Sugar From Diet Boosts Kids' Health Immediately: Study - MedicineNet
Cutting most of the sugar from a child's diet can immediately improve health, even if the diet still contains the same amount of calories and carbohydrates as before, a new study suggests.

Childhood Obesity Overweight FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions - MedicineNet
MedicineNet doctors answer common frequently asked questions regarding childhood obesity.

Should Men Worry About Being Too Old to Have Kids?
Guys, that ticking you hear might be your biological clock. As women age, fertility wanes, and the risk of genetic problems in their babies increases.

Burnout Rates Soar Among Family Doctors - MedicineNet
Nearly half of family doctors under 35 feel burned out, according to a new survey by Medscape.

What Does a Sex Therapist Do?
Find out what a sex therapist does. Sex therapists are generally specially trained in sex therapy methods to guide and assist individuals or couples who are having sexual relationship problems.

Gardasil HPV Vaccine Stopping Genital Warts
Gardasil HPV Vaccine Stopping Genital Warts

Many LGBT Medical Students Don't Reveal Sexual Identity - MedicineNet
Fear of discrimination is a major reason why about one-third of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT medical students stay in the closet, new research finds.

Day Care May Not Raise Behavior Woes in Kids After All - MedicineNet
Parents who send their children to day care may be able to breathe a sigh of relief. New research finds that children in child care do not have an increased risk of behavioral problems.

Does a Deep Voice Draw Women?
Deep voices in men may not be meant to make women swoon, but rather to scare away potential rivals, a new study suggests.

Don't Give ADHD Meds to Undiagnosed Kids, Experts Urge - MedicineNet
Some people call it brain doping or meducation. Others label the problem neuroenhancement. Whatever the term, the American Academy of Neurology has published a position paper criticizing the practice of prescribing study drugs to boost memory and thinking abilities in healthy children and teens.

Valentine's Day a Show of Wealth for Single Men?
On Valentine's Day, single men are far more likely than married guys to splurge on a loved one, a marketing expert from Harvard Business School says.

California Infants Hit Hard by Whooping Cough Epidemic: Report - MedicineNet
A new analysis of the whooping cough epidemic in California finds that infants have been hit the hardest, and it calls for increased efforts to vaccinate pregnant women so their babies are protected.

New Policy Supports Choice for Male Circumcision
The nation's pediatricians are changing their stance on male circumcision, again. This time, the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP says they want parents to know that the benefits of the procedure outweigh its small risks.

Children in Carpools Often Go Without Booster Seats - MedicineNet
Parents often skip using booster seats when carpooling with preschoolers or young school-age children, increasing the risk of serious injury in a crash, a new study shows.

Kids Lack Access to Healthy Food Choices
CDC: Kids Lack Access to Healthy Food Choices

Wanted: Spouse With Car, Stocks, Bonds
Learn how to achieve a healthy sexual relationship with your partner, including how to protect yourself from STDs, birth control options, and how to deal with sexual dysfunction problems such as impotence or inability to achieve orgasm.

Coming Out at School Better for LGBT Youth, Study Finds - MedicineNet
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens who come out at high school have better mental health as young adults than those who aren't open with their fellow high school students, according to a new study.

Oral HPV Infection Strikes Men More Than Women - MedicineNet
Read about how the oral HPV infection strikes men more than women.

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Breast-Feeding Problems Common for First-Time Moms - MedicineNet
The notion of new mothers easily and comfortably breast-feeding their newborns is challenged by new research that indicates nursing problems are a near-universal experience among first-time moms, and those reporting early concerns are nearly 10 times more likely to abandon breast-feeding within two months.

Can Video Game Play Help Young Minds Learn? - MedicineNet
Action video games like Call of Duty can teach young adults new skills while also improving the way the skills are learned, new research suggests.

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