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Medical Definition of Blood pressure, high
Read medical definition of Blood pressure, high

College of Pharmacy Lipscomb University
College of Pharmacy at Lipscomb University offering the Pharm.D. degree.

Could PMS Raise Women's Risk for High Blood Pressure?
Millions of women suffer through premenstrual syndrome PMS, and now new research suggests that those with moderate-to-severe PMS may be at heightened risk for high blood pressure later in life.

Normal Blood Pressure in Clinic May Mask Hypertension
It's commonly believed that anxiety in the doctor's office causes patients' blood pressure to rise. But for some people, the opposite occurs: Their blood pressure is normal at their medical appointment but elevated the rest of the day.

Could a Cellular Tweak Someday 'Switch Off' Gray Hair?
Researchers who pinpointed two cellular signals that control skin and hair color say their findings might lead to new drugs to treat skin and hair conditions, possibly even gray hair.

Hair care tips to keep you and your hair safe
Hair care information about the dangers of using hair dye from the Food and Drug Administration.

Study Finds Black Women Most Likely to Have High Blood Pressure
Black women in the United States are much more likely to have high blood pressure than black men or white women and men, according to a new study.

Blood Pressure Seems to Stay Lower Longer in Fitter Men
Aerobic exercise leading to strong heart fitness can delay a man's onset of age-related high blood pressure by nearly a decade, a new study suggests.

Dry skin
Read medical definition of Dry skin

Impatience Omen of Hypertension Alert
Blood pressure information includes high blood pressure hypertension, low blood pressure hypotension, causes, medications, prevention, symptoms, treatment, and how to lower high blood pressure.

Notre Dame of Maryland University
Founded more than 100 years ago on the progressive vision that education can transform the world, Notre Dame prepares compassionate leaders who change lives.

CDC Warns of Dangers of Plastic Surgery in Dominican Republic
U.S. health officials are warning about the dangers of medical tourism after at least 18 women from the East Coast became infected with a disfiguring bacteria following plastic surgery procedures they had in the Dominican Republic.

Free Drug Samples for Doctors Might Prove Costly for Patients
Dermatologists who receive free drug samples are more likely to give their patients prescriptions for expensive medicines, a new study says.

More Research Cites Salt's Potential Health Risks
Conventional wisdom says too much salt is bad because it can lead to high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Linked to Mercury in Fish
Blood pressure information includes high blood pressure hypertension, low blood pressure hypotension, causes, medications, prevention, symptoms, treatment, and how to lower high blood pressure.

Stressed Childhood Might Raise Risk for High Blood Pressure Later
A stressful childhood might predispose some people to struggle with high blood pressure as adults, a new study suggests.

Newly Diagnosed With High Blood Pressure? 3 Factors Affect Prognosis
Prompt and intense treatment at the first signs of high blood pressure appears key to preventing heart attacks, strokes and early death, according to a new study.

Treat Skin Well
Achieving and maintaining healthy, glowing skin involve more than just keeping it clean.

Risk Factors for Varicose Veins
Health Tip: Risk Factors for Varicose Veins

Read medical definition of Aldosteronism

Too Many Americans Have High Blood Pressure, Doctors Warn
A group of family physicians warns that too many Americans struggle with high blood pressure.

Treating Kidneys With Radio Waves May Ease Tough-to-Control Hypertension
For patients whose high blood pressure cannot be controlled despite taking several medications, a short burst of radio waves at the nerves around the kidneys may do the trick, a small new study says.

Union University, a Christian College in Tennessee
School of Pharmacy at Union University, a four-year, liberal arts, Christian university located in Jackson, Tennessee, USA.

Purple Potatoes Lower Blood Pressure in Overweight People
When overweight people included two servings of purple potatoes a day in their diet for a month, they not only reduced their blood pressure, they also didn't gain weight in the process, a small study shows.

Eczema, seborrheic
Read medical definition of Eczema, seborrheic

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