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Low Back Pain-Topic Overview
Low-Back-Pain-Topic Overview

A Cheap, Old Heart Drug May Help Elderly Heart Failure Patients - MedicineNet
Everything old is new again, even in medicine, with a just-released study finding that an older, inexpensive drug may help keep heart failure patients out of the hospital.

WebMD Vaccines Center - Adult Vaccination Information
Find adult vaccine information including reasons for vaccination, vaccination types including MMR, shingles, meningococcal, HPV, chickenpox, flu, hepatitis, and more, and the latest information on all adult immunizations for travel.

Jaundice Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnosis
WebMD gives a brief overview of jaundice, a condition that is common in infants but also can affect children and adults.

Lactose Intolerance Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, Tests
Lactose intolerance means the body cannot easily digest lactose, a type of natural sugar found in milk and dairy products.

Signs of Labor: Contractions, Passing Mucus Plug, and More
Learn more from WebMD about the telling the difference between true and false labor, and when to call your health care provider.

Adding Lovenox Didn't Reduce Blood Clot Death Risk - Heart Center: Information o
Information on heart disease and related cardiovascular conditions includes medications, procedures and tests, symptoms, and treatment.

Insomnia Chronic and Acute Insomnia Causes and Symptoms
WebMD explains the symptoms and causes of insomnia, and offers tips for getting a good night's sleep.

Low-Residue Diet: Foods, Menus, and More
What is a low-residue diet? Can it help your inflammatory bowel disease?

Childhood Leukemia: Symptoms, Treatments, Risk Factors, Tests
WebMD explains different types of childhood leukemia, including risk factors, diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment.

Jet Lag: How to Adjust to New Sleep Patterns During Travel
Travelling across time zones can mess with your body's clock. WebMD gives you tips on preventing jet lag and getting in sync with your new location.

Knee Pain Causes, Treatments, Tests, and Home Remedies
Find answers to commonly asked questions about knee problems, injuries, including diseases, and conditions which can cause pain, and how knee pain treated.

Dialysis for Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure
WebMD explains the different types of dialysis, a blood-cleansing procedure, used to treat kidney failure.

A Healthy Heart May Protect an Aging Brain - MedicineNet
New research adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting that keeping your heart fit may help your mind stay sharp as well.

Interventional Pulmonology: Procedures, Uses, and Effects
Learn more from WebMD about interventional pulmonology, including various procedures used to diagnose and treat lung disease.

Insect Bites and Spider Bites -- Basics
Learn basic information on insect and spider bites from the experts at WebMD.

24 Hour Dental
Fast, free way to find a 24 hour emergency dentist near you.

A-Fib Doesn't Mean You're Banished to the Sidelines - MedicineNet
Cutting back on exercise, or stopping altogether, might seem like the right move for people whose heart beats too fast and erratically, a condition called atrial fibrillation. But that's not necessarily so.

Activity Improves Survival for Those With Implanted Defibrillators - MedicineNet
A new study of nearly 100,000 people with implantable cardioverter-defibrillators found that more physical activity was tied to living longer.

Add Heart Test to High School Athletes' Screening, Cardiologists Say - MedicineN
Including a test of the heart's electrical activity in screening programs for high school athletes increases the odds of detecting problems that can lead to sudden cardiac arrest and death, according to a new study.

Urinary Tract Infections - Risks Factors and Causes
WebMD's overview of urinary tract infections, including causes and risk factors.

A Better Blood Test for Heart Risk? - Heart Center: Information on Cardiovascula
Information on heart disease and related cardiovascular conditions includes medications, procedures and tests, symptoms, and treatment.

A Grateful Heart May Be a Healthy Heart - MedicineNet
Being thankful for the good things in life may benefit heart failure patients, a new study suggests.

WebMD Diabetes Guide - Better Information for Better Health
Do you or someone you know have diabetes? So do nearly 21 million people in the U.S. Left untreated, diabetes ups the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other serious conditions. But it can often be avoided and managed. Get key prediabetes and diabetes information, including diabetes causes, symptoms, tests, and treatment.

Understanding Kidney Stones -- the Basics
Learn the basics about kidney stones from the experts at WebMD.

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