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Daycare Surfaces May Hold Germs Longer Than Thought - MedicineNet
Germs that cause common illnesses, including ear infections and strep throat, can linger on surfaces such as cribs, children's toys and books for hours after contamination -- even after the objects are well cleaned -- according to a small new study.

Gonorrhea Becoming More Resistant to One Antibiotic: CDC - MedicineNet
One of several antibiotic treatment options for the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea seems to be losing its effectiveness, U.S. health officials warn in a new report.

Pubic Grooming Tied to Higher STD Rates
Brazilian bikini waxing and similar forms of personal grooming may be all the rage, but they come with a heightened risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease, new research suggests.

Oral HPV Infection Strikes Men More Than Women - MedicineNet
Read about how the oral HPV infection strikes men more than women.

Codeine Not Safe for Kids, Pediatricians Warn
Codeine is unsafe for children and should no longer be given to them, a new report from a leading pediatricians' group warns.

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Boost a Man's Sex Life: Study - MedicineNet
Anti-cholesterol drugs known as statins may help impotent men have stronger erections, a new evidence review suggests.

Epileptic Kids Have More Psychiatric Symptoms
A complete listing of health information about kids and teens, including acne, AIDS awareness, allergies and asthma, attention deficit disorders and dyslexia.

Fireworks - How to Have a Safe Fourth of July
Learn about fireworks injuries. In 2007, 11 people died as a result of a firework injury. 10,000 people were hospitalized with injuries. Learn how to prevent injuries.

Campfire Precautions Can Protect Kids From Burns
Campfires are exciting for kids but they also can be dangerous without supervision and simple precautions, an expert warns.

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Does a Deep Voice Draw Women?
Deep voices in men may not be meant to make women swoon, but rather to scare away potential rivals, a new study suggests.

Don't Give ADHD Meds to Undiagnosed Kids, Experts Urge - MedicineNet
Some people call it brain doping or meducation. Others label the problem neuroenhancement. Whatever the term, the American Academy of Neurology has published a position paper criticizing the practice of prescribing study drugs to boost memory and thinking abilities in healthy children and teens.

HPV Vaccine Rates Highest in Poor and Hispanic Communities: Study - MedicineNet
Teen girls in poor or predominately Hispanic communities are more likely to receive at least one dose of the human papillomavirus HPV vaccine than those in other communities, a new study finds.

Bullet Wounds Kill 8 Percent of U.S. Kids Treated at ERs - MedicineNet
A new study confirms the high danger posed by gunshot wounds in kids: Hospital statistics from several U.S. urban areas reveal that at least 8 percent of children who were shot died.

CDC Endorses Circumcision for Health Reasons
U.S. health officials are poised to endorse circumcision as a means of preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Want a 2nd Date? 'Welcoming' Body Language May Be Key - MedicineNet
Sit up straight to get a date? That's the message of a new study that suggests good posture and welcoming body language boost the odds of a romantic spark in online or speed dating.

What Works Best to Curb a Preschooler's Bad Behaviors? - MedicineNet
Parents should be open to using a range of tactics for managing their preschoolers' behavior problems -- including time-outs, a set of new studies suggests.

Day Care May Not Raise Behavior Woes in Kids After All - MedicineNet
Parents who send their children to day care may be able to breathe a sigh of relief. New research finds that children in child care do not have an increased risk of behavioral problems.

Calling Young Girls 'Fat' May Increase Their Teen-Obesity Risk - MedicineNet
When people tell a young girl that she's fat, that in itself increases her risk of eventually becoming obese, according to a new study.

Can Video Game Play Help Young Minds Learn? - MedicineNet
Action video games like Call of Duty can teach young adults new skills while also improving the way the skills are learned, new research suggests.

Scientists Probe What Makes People Get Their Groove On - MedicineNet
Whether you bust a move, get jiggy with it or just tap a toe or two, something about certain types of popular music makes you want to set your body in motion.

Use of Morning-After Pill on the Rise: CDC
The number of U.S. women using the morning-after contraception pill has risen dramatically in the last decade, federal health officials report.

Childhood Obesity, Drug Abuse Top Concerns for Kids
A complete listing of health information about kids and teens, including acne, AIDS awareness, allergies and asthma, attention deficit disorders and dyslexia.

Penis Enlargement: Does It Work?
Every guy knows pumps, pills, exercises, and surgery won't build bigger penises. Or do they? Read more about penis enlargement.

Sex Lives Often an Overlooked Casualty of Traumatic Brain Injury - MedicineNet
For the more than 3 million Americans living with traumatic brain injury, there is often an unspoken problem: Many suffer from sexual dysfunction, something that is easily overlooked as patients struggle with overwhelming physical and emotional issues that can last for years, new research has found.

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