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Consumers purchasing bottled alkaline water can now produce this water in their own home with Bawell ionization systems. Higher pH ionized water is superior to bottled water in that medical research has demonstarted its ability to act as an antioxidant withing cells, protecting cellular DNA and RNA from oxidative damage. People purchasing alkaline bottled water can lower their carbon foot print and save money by using an alkaline water ionizer machine to create this beneficial water in their own home.

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Educate yourself on the many different health benefits of drinking Bawell electrolyzed reduced alkaline water. Find out what other people are saying about ionized water and why it is so beneficial to the human body.  You can read alkaline water machine reviews on amazon from other people who have reported their findings.  The human body is 70% water by weight and water is the most important nutrient within the human, isn't time you took your drinking water seriously?
Drinking higher ph electrolyzed reduced water supplies a constant stream of antioxidants to the body in the form of negative Oxidation Reduction Potential. Medical researches have discovered that antioxidant rich water with -ORP values neutralizes disease causing free radicals withing the human body.  Millions of people worldwide have benefited from electron rich water, customers of Bawell have left their water ionizer reviews after experiencing these health benefits from consuming the water for many years. This water is good for people and pets.
It can be very confusing for consumers shopping for an alkaline ph drinking water system. When visiting your local supermarket you have surely seen bottled alkaline water more and more frequently. People are wondering what is so important or special about drinking this water. When conducting research online you will find that there are many different systems which can provide this drinking water in your own home, helping you avoid the expense of purchasing bottled water. These systems known as ionizers or alkaline water filters range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Consumers want to know what is the difference between these filters, and which one, if they purchased it, will deliver the greatest benefits. Consumers shopping on amazon and ebay will surely want to read reviews and comparisons guides on alkaline drinking water machines written specifically for assisting their research. These guides give you a professional detailed explanation of the difference between the systems which produce this drinking water. When reading customer reviews and testimonials does not answer your questions completely, consumer shopping guides will be your next best research tool. In the above guide you will find the following:

Water electrolysis - the decomposition of the water molecule into Hydrogen and Oxygen, and why this is beneficial to the body. The different methods used to make higher ph drinking water, which ones are beneficial and which ones are not. Comparisons between the machines which utilize water electrolysis to make electrolyzed ionized reduced water. The dangers of adding baking soda or other chemicals to drinking water to raise it's ph.

Healthlinks is happy to cite this valuable and informative resource on the topic of alkaline drinking water which is gaining more and more popularity in grocery stores and popular culture. We suspect that with consumers moving to more natural and healthful foods, and with people awakening to the negative health effects of acidic carbonated sugar water - sodas - people will choose to drink more juices and alkaline ph water more frequently.

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